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Your Guide to Flatbed Trailer

Your Guide to Flatbed Trailer 1
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The flatbed trailer is a type of open deck trailer with no sides and no roof. The structure of the trailer is extremely simple, it mainly consists of two parts: a chassis and an open deck structure on top. The flatbed trailer is extremely versatile, it can carry various cargos from containers to loose cargos, etc.

#1 Dimension

The length of the flatbed trailers are typically 20, 40, 45, 48, 53 feet in length, the most common types are 20ft ,40ft and 45ft, they can also be designed carry the 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft containers respectively.  Below are the dimensions of our trailers for your reference.


Type Length Width Height
20ft Flatbed Trailer
40ft Flatbed Trailer
45ft Flatbed Trailer

#2 Commonly shipped cargos:

Asides from the container, the flatbed trailer can also carry a wide range of cargos. Basically, all kinds of cargos that be strapped down to the deck of the trailer, these cargos include pipes, bagged goods consrtuction material, etc. Some extendable trailers can also carry cargos like wind blades, girders, etc.

#3 Different types of flatbed trailers.

There are some several types of flatbed, depending on the various transport requirements, the following are just a few examples:

#4 Accessories

Accessories like rope hooks, rope fastener are equipped on most trailers. Some clients may also want fuel tanks to be installed, this is a very popular request among customers from some African countries, where drivers are required to drive long-distance with no access to fuel station on the road. Other accessories some like bulkhead and side posts are very common for the trailer that hauls logs and pipes, the added side posts serve to prevent the pipes from dropping off the trailer, while the bulkhead can prevent the cargos from sliding into the driver cabin when the truck breaks.

#4 Shipping

When the trailers are finished, they are usually delivered to our clients through the following shipping terms, namely bulk cargo, roro shipping or 40ft/45ft HQ container shipping.

The above are a few points we’d like to share with you regarding the flatbed trailers. If you have anything to add on this subject, feel free to leave a comment below.


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