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Terminal Flatbed Trailer For Wenzhou Terminal

Terminal Flatbed Trailer For Wenzhou Terminal 1
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This is the 40ft terminal flatbed trailer we built for our client at Wenzhou terminal.

The trailer measures 12500mm in length, 2600mm in width, and 3400mm in height. It is specifically designed to carry steel bars, metal coils, as well as containers within the terminal. It features five side guards on each side and a bulkhead at the front, which serves to keep the cargoes and containers stays on the platform, you can further securing the cargoes via the rope hook fasteners installed on both sides of the trailer. The chassis and kingpin of trailers are reinforced to meet the transport needs of within the terminals.

Unlike regular trailers operating on dry land, the operating environment within the terminal is extremely warm and humid with sea breezes all year round. To combat caustic sea wind the water, a layer of anti-rust paint is applied to all components and the body of the trailer, including the axles, brake chambers, suspension parts, etc. This further helps increase the service life of the trailers.

The components of the trailer all meet the DOT standard, including Fuwa axle, Jost E100 landing gear, Sealco relay valve, and SAE standard brake line and nylon tube, which help enhance the performance as well as incease the service life of the trailer.



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