Star Trailer

Lowbed Semi-trailers

Semi Low loader with widening deck

This trailer can widen it’s deck hydraulically to provide maximum stability when transporting oversize load, such as transformer, generator, heavy equipment, etc. The loading deck can widen in various increments to suit the load.

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The Star trailer semi low loader is designed and built according to the European standard. It is considered to be the most robust trailer in the Chinese market. It is able to carry 10 tonnes more payload than the other trailers in its class, thanks to star trailer’s special mainframe design. High-grade steel and DOT standard components are used to ensure the top quality of the trailer. All our low loaders can be customized to suit individual requirement.


  • 2~6 axles;
  • Air suspension or hydraulic suspension with raise/lower function;
  • Self or Manual Steering BPW/Fuwa axle;
  • Extendable or expandable load floor is optional;
  • Load floor in a wide variety of dimensions to meet any specific requirements;
  • Wide range of goosenecks to suit any type of tractor;
  • “Anti-loose” chrome plated bolt; Copper brake pipe fitting; SAE Standard braking line;
  • 5-year warranty on the mainframe;






3,000mm (Custom)

Loading Deck Height

600mm (Custom)


30,000kg (Custom)


215/75R17.5, 235/75R17.5, 265/70R17.5, 8.25R20



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