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Lowbed trailer for Congo client

4 axle lowbed semi-trailer
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On September 19th, we finished the first sample 4 axle low bed trailer for our congo client.

This trailer’s chassis adopts high tensile steel with 350Mpa yield strength, The main beams are welded automatically by the submerged welding machine. The superior welding work and structure ensure higher payload and lightweightness of the trailer.

We use 4 axle design, due to the rough road condition in Congo. The brand of the axle is Huajing axle, it’s a very popular brand in Congo. It is worth noting that, we use special reinforced heavy-duty hydraulic ramps for this trailer, they can be used to safely load and unload very heavy steel tracked machines for up to 2 years. 2 small landing gears are installed in the rear end to ensure the stability of the ramps. The lowbed trailer platform is made of 4mm steel chequer plate. 20 pieces of Rope hooks are welded on both sides of the trailer, which can be used with ropes to stabilize the cargo onboard.

Star Trailer is the 1st manufacturer in China that produces premium European standard semi-trailers designed and developed by our highly qualified teams of experts led by our Australian chief engineer with 42 years of experiences in designing semi-trailers.



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