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Fence Trailer for Sudan client

Fence Trailer for Sudan client 1
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This is the 40ft fence dropside trailer we built for the Sudan client.

The dimension of the trailer is 12500mm long, 2600mm wide and 3400mm high. The side wall is 1500mm high. It can be used to carry 60 tons of goods, 20ft and 40ft contaniers and notably a small tractor, which can be loaded on board with help of the rear ramps.

The sidewall of the trailer consists of 2 levels, each level can be removed easily removed and put back together to meet different transportation purposes. For example, when transporting the containers, this trailer can be easily transformed into a regular flatbed trailer by removing both the front wall and sidewall. This unique feature makes the trailer highly flexible. Inside the trailer, there are six cables connected to pillars from both ends, which is useful for stabilizing the cargos inside. The suspension of the trailers is custom made to cope with the bad road conditions in Sudan. The wheelbase is changed to 1800mm instead of the regular 1310mm wheelbase. Ground clearance is also higher than the regular trailer. The axles of the trailer are from BPW. The landing gear is Jost A400C telescopic model. There is also a water tank is installed beneath the trailer, so the driver can have access to clean water anywhere they go.

Star Trailer is the 1st manufacturer in China that produces premium European standard semi-trailers designed and developed by our highly qualified teams of experts led by our Australian chief engineer with 42 years of experience in designing semi-trailers.



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