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5 tips for buying semi-trailer from China

5 tips for buying semi-trailer from China 1

It is a well-known fact that China is the manufacturing hub of the world. In fact, there are thousands of semi-trailers factories in China alone. If you are in the market for semi-trailers such as lowbed trailers or flatbed trailers, you can now easily reach thousands of suppliers at the click of a button without stepping out of your home, thanks to platforms like Alibaba and Made in China. But sourcing the right trailers from the right suppliers can be a real headache.

Some of you might go for the lowest price. Surely, price is an important factor, but this shouldn’t be the only thing you should consider, it is important to take all aspects affecting the overall production economy into account. Here are 5 tips to help you buy the right semi-trailer from China.

#1 Weld

Based on our experience, poor weld will rapidly decrease the service life of any trailer. Therefore, it is important to pick the trailer with good weld quality. All major parts of our trailer are welded by ABB robots, other parts are welded by highly qualified staff. Each seam is welded for the greatest possible strength and durability. This certainly adds to our production costs, but you can benefit in the end by investing in a semi-trailer that is built to last.

5 tips for buying semi-trailer from China 3
Star trailer
5 tips for buying semi-trailer from China 4
Other trailer

#2 Steel

The quality of the steel correlated directly with the longevity of the semi-trailer. Higher quality steel is safer under high loads and is much less likely to fracture. Some manufacturers may use substandard low-grade steel or very thin steel to save cost. This will have a negative impact on the safety and service life of the trailer, some trailer may even collapse during its first 2 years of operation. Star trailer only uses high-grade steel, which contains niobium and 0.98‰ of titanium. As a result, our chassis offers benefits such as great torsional stiffness and low dead weight, allowing the trailer to carry more payload. We are proud to offer every customer 5-year warranty on the mainframe.

5 tips for buying semi-trailer from China 5
Star trailer
trailer collapse
Other trailer

#3 Structure

There is a big trend in trailer weight reduction in China nowadays. Many factories will go out of their way to claim they have the most lightweight trailers in the market to attract new buyers. It’s true that lower tare weight can indeed deliver many benefits, mostly on the efficiency side. But there is one important premise: You cannot reduce the weight of the trailer at the expense of driving safety.

High-end manufacturer may achieve this by replacing the traditional Q345 steel with high strength T700 steel. This can help reduce the trailer tare weight without impacting the structural soundness of the trailer. However, most Chinese factories choose another way — by Putting non-circular holes on the mainframe of the trailer, this does huge disservice to safety of the trailer, non-circular holes is only good for smooth well-paved road. But when driven the bad condition, trailer is very likely to callapse, causing huge losses to the driver.

Instead of blindly chasing the goal of weight reduction, Star Trailer focuses on creating the most rigid chassis optimized for even load distribution. Key areas of the trailer such as suspension structure, main beam, and gooseneck are reinforced, allowing for better trailer performance. Star trailer is able to carry 10 tonnes more payload than the other trailers in its class made by our Chinese competitors.


5 tips for buying semi-trailer from China 6
Other trailer structure (left) vs. Star trailer structure (right)

#3 Axle and suspension

The axles, together with suspension determine how much weight your trailer can carry. Before you make a purchasing decision, it is always important to decide for yourself the weight of the cargo you will carry. The next thing you should ask yourself is what the working condition is like, since different road condition requires different types of suspension. Star trailer has its own suspension factory, our suspension is specially designed to reduce the tire wear, particularly when the cargo weight is not distributed across the trailer evenly. The axles of our trailers are from big brands like BPW or FUWA. Some factories may offer small unknown Chinese brand or even counterfeit brand like PBW or Fuhua to reduce the cost. This is something you should be aware of when buying trailers from China.

5 tips for buying semi-trailer from China 7
Real Fuwa Axle
5 tips for buying semi-trailer from China 8
Fake Fuwa Axle

#4 Paint

Paint is another important aspect you should consider. Advanced painting technologies such as E-Coating, automatic powder coading, baking are applied by Star Trailer during the painting process.

The electrophoretic coating, also known as “E coating”offers several advantages over the traditional painting method. It provides a more even and thorough distribution of the coating, and it is extremely effective at preventing corrosion. After the E-coating, the trailer will go through the next two procedures – automatic powder painting and baking. These painting produdures help enhance the trailer apperance and offer a corrosion and scratch proof layer against the outside environment for the next 7 years.

5 tips for buying semi-trailer from China 9

#5 Components

From a tiny bolt to relay valve to receptor to the wiring, these critical components played a big role in the driving safety of the trailer, yet they are often overlooked. Star trailer pays great attention to these details. All components we use are “DOT” Standard. The following is a list of components we use:

star trailer components


Keep the above points in mind when you plan to buy semi-trailers from China. Ask your potential supplier more questions to get more intel from them. Travel to China to inspect their factory if you have time. And don’t fall for the cheap price trap, go for the long term value, and you will be happy with your decision later on.

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