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Your Ultimate Guide to Bomb cart

bomb cart guide

The Bomb cart, also known as terminal chassis, is a special container chassis designed to maximize the productivity of the terminal operation. It shuttles in between the gantry crane and container stacks, safely transporting and repositioning the cargo containers, during the off-loading of the container vessels.

The term bomb cart’s origin might be because the “boom” sound it makes when the container drops on it, which resembles the sound of a bomb. This special chassis is only used within the terminal, and unlike the usual road container chassis, it never leaves the port. Thus, it is more purpose-built to meet to needs of the terminal operation. The following are several distinct features unique to the bomb cart:

#1 Container guide blocks

Unlike the road chassis, which uses container locks to lock down the container. The bomb carts are equipped with the slanted container guide blocks to secure the containers. The reflector tapes on top of the guide blocks help the crane operator accurately position the trailer and lower the containers into its position, without the need to lock the container manually. This helps significantly increase the speed of the operation, With the right guide blocks design you can not only save time, but it also benefits your operation on multiple fronts, The following is a list of benefits of the star trailer container guide blocks can bring you.

#2 Container stopper

Container stopper is another unique feature to the bomb carts. These stoppers are usually spring-loaded and are designed to accommodate different container sizes. Container stoppers come in different shapes and forms depending on the different operation purposes. Below are a few examples:

After finding which design suits you, the next thing you should be paying attention to is to avoid flawed design, which can not only hamper the terminal operation but also do damage to the container. The following are a few suggestions for you:

#3 Running gear

Because of bomb carts only operate within the terminal and are usually traveling at low speed of no more than 40km/h. Lots of trailers are equipped with solid rubber tires instead of pneumatic tires. These tires are ideal in the low-speed situation and require little to none maintenance. On average, these tires can usually last around 3 years.

Another thing you might notice is that the trailers are usually equipped with fixed landing gear instead of the telescopic type. You should take note that this type of landing gear is only suitable for the terminal tractor that comes with the hydraulic 5th wheel. If your tractor doesn’t have this feature, it’s better to choose the trailer with telescopic landing gear, so it can adjust the coupling position according to the different tractor. It is always important to keep the trailer level when traveling. Unlevel trailer is not only bad for the trailer, but it can also create a dangerous situation for everyone within the terminal.

#3 Other Features

You might also notice other features particular to a  bomb cart, below are a few of them:

The above are a few points we’d like to share with you regarding the bomb carts. If you have anything to add on this subject, feel free to leave a comment below. If you are considering buying new bomb carts at the moment, be sure to study it carefully, you are also more than welcome to reach out to us for free consultation.


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